COVID Online Sales

How do I find the vehicle?
Most of you have been doing most of this stuff online for years already, so for you, not much will change. You find the car on our website. We had already been the only place we knew of that takes photos of the engine oil and cap, frame, OBD scans, etc. During COVID, we added videos. We have videos of the walk around of the vehicle, video of the inside and mechanical items and we also have a virtual test drive where we drive the vehicle and video the ride. We are also happy to video call with you and you can have us video specific things you want to see or hear if necessary.
We are adding cars and doing our best to get everything on the site. If a vehicle you are interested in does not have one of the described items, just message us and we’ll get it to you ASAP!

How do I buy?
If you like the vehicle and are ready to purchase, we will need your license/ID and insurance sent to us electronically. After that we will prepare a limited power of attorney and begin a remote notary session with you to collect your signature. If it’s too much technology for you, we have another option… Just take the power of attorney to a notary in an essential business, like UPS or a bank and have them complete the signing. You will send that document back to us and we can complete delivery.

Can I really not test drive the vehicle?
You really can’t test drive the vehicle…. at least not "test drives" that you are used to.. You can't come to our store and drive around all the cars like you used to. Even though you can't do a traditional test drive, we would never force you to buy a car you don't want. Here’s the go around: You have two options.
1. With online sales during COVID, we will give you a half hour to cancel the deal for any reason… unless the vehicle is damaged during that drive.  Unfortunately, due to the circumstance you will be driving on your own tag and insurance. Just be extra careful and everything will be fine! 
2. Mechanics are essential businesses. We suggest everyone have their vehicles looked at anyway by an independent mechanic that they trust. If you are a serious buyer, and have a mechanic that you use, we will take it to be looked over. It would be at your cost, but we will take it there and back. 

If you already have insurance, the whole process will not be much different for you. We do not need an insurance card for the specific vehicle you are purchasing. We can use the card you already have for whatever vehicle you have insured. Each insurance company allows a certain number of days for you to report a new purchase. So, if you are not happy with the vehicle when you receive it, nothing changes. If you don’t have insurance, you will need it anyway to purchase from any dealer permitted to operate during COVID. If you don’t like our vehicle, you can use that same policy to purchase from another dealership.

What about my title and registration?
Since Penndot is closed only Online Registration Participants (OLRP) Dealers are allowed to conduct online sales. The Used Car Store is an OLRP dealer. We will be able to print your registration and send it to you.

What about financing?
Unfortunately, our regular bad credit lenders are not even taking applications during this time. We know that some companies like One Main are still working. If you go through them, they will secure your financing and you pay us with the check they give you like cash. If you have decent credit you can go to your credit union or any bank. We will do small Buy Here Pay Here loans. You will have to have most of the money though. We will list the down payment required for each vehicle on the vehicles note page. We’re really sorry, but for the time being it’s the only options we have.

How are you keeping me safe?
We have ZERO contact with you until we deliver the vehicle. You can come and pick it up outside or we can drop it off at your house. We will sanitize the vehicle before delivery. After the vehicle is cleaned, one person will enter it with a mask and gloves. When we drop the car off, that person will wipe down any part of the vehicle they touched including the steering wheel, shift knob, turn signals, door handle, etc.

We are doing our best please be patient with us! This is not our choice! It took a ton of time and expense to be able to sell during this time. We will do whatever we can to make the sale as easy as possible for you. Thank you!

 >> To all our peeps out there who couldn't make the requirements to open because they wanted only big dealers with agent licenses and online registration to be able to sell... hang in there. 

>>>> To everyone else, PLEASE don't drive to another state or county to buy a car unless you have no other choice. The process is a little more difficult than normal but it's really not that bad.