How To Repair Your Credit With An Auto Loan Title

     With all of the free (like actually free) credit management sites like Credit Karma,, Credit Sesame From Credit Karmaand more, there’s really no excuse to not know where you stand. While your credit situation may be a result of unforeseen and unavoidable financial issues, knowing your situation has become easy. With these sites you can track your score with all three bureaus, manage your credit accounts, fix missing or incorrect information on your report and more importantly learn about credit and how your score is calculated. These sites check your score on a weekly or monthly basis and while inquiries do not have the affect you might think they have, the way these sites pull your credit does not affect your number of recent inquiries at all. What is the fastest way to repair credit? A well paid installment loan like a mortgage or Car Loan.


     An installment loan is simply a loan of any sum that is payable over a set time with a set number of payments. From “Mortgages and installment loans tend to be the valuable to your score as they tend to reflect stability.” Installment loans tend to be verified by actual documents such as proof of residence and proof of income as opposed to a credit card which simply uses your credit score. The credit bureaus tend to value these loans higher than other types of credit for just that reason. A “Trade Line” are account records that are provided to the Bureaus. Different types of trade lines indicate that you are more experienced with handling credit and therefore a healthy account mix has a higher impact on your score.

Repair Your Score With An Auto Loan Quote

     Another significant impact of auto loan on your credit score is the fact that car loans tend to be of a higher amount that regular credit cards. For most consumers, an auto loan is one of the larger purchases they make in life. The impact of a large account such as an auto loan improves your credit in another important category, credit balance. The more companies are willing to lend you, the more credit worthy you seem. Having a well-paid car loan not only improves your score tremendously, it will also help you get a better rate and higher approval chances on your next auto loan. Auto lenders look at your credit rating but they also consider how well other auto loans have been paid.

     Once you have the car loan, it is imperative to make your monthly installment payments on time. Even one missed or late payment can set your credit back seriously. If you’re trying to secure a car loan and you have bad credit, you may have to accept a higher interest rate than a good credit customer. The good news is that if you make your payments on time for a few months, you can go to a bank and they will likely be willing to refinance your loan at a more traditional rate.

     Credit scores are not easy, but not impossible to improve quickly. The overall theme the credit bureaus are looking for is stability and stability may take some time to prove. If you can keep your revolving credit payments up to date and pay an installment loan well, you can be on the road to huge jump in score.

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